II National Confetén e on Advanced Materials AMATS 2023 - 13, 14 and 15 November in Zaragoza

The 2nd National Conference on Advanced Materials AMatS 2023 will take place in Zaragoza on 13, 14 and 15 November.

This edition will not only attract participants from the 7 Regions collaborating on «Materials with advanced functionalities for the new technological transformation» but extends its invitation to any materials science enthusiast in general, with an interest in exploring the latest advances and sharing their knowledge and experiences. It will also provide an opportunity to hear from some of the most prominent and recognised scientists in the field.

The Conference Programme will provide a unique framework for exchanging ideas and establishing new collaborations.

We will be updating information on the scientific programme, registration process, accommodation, as well as the social programme in the next few days.

The conference is organised by the Instituto de Materiales de Aragón, INMA, a joint institute of the CSIC and the University of Zaragoza and is part of the Complementary Plan for Advanced Materials funded by the MCIN with European Union NextGenerationEU funds (PRTR-C17.I1) with support from the Government of Aragon.



New: https://inma.unizar-csic.es/agenda-eventos/amats2023/