On 7 November 2022, the second coordination meeting of the project was held during the event "1st Conference on Advanced Materials in Spain" in Gandía. The meeting was attended by representatives of the 7 regions of the plan and focused on several key issues that will drive the development of the Advanced Materials Programme.

National Web of Advanced Materials One of the central themes of the meeting was the creation of a national web platform/database that compiles information on the research centres and groups participating in the Advanced Materials Programme, as well as data on related companies. The importance of defining the structure of this platform and of collecting information not only from the participants but also from other important groups across the country was stressed. It was agreed that the platform should allow keyword searches and provide a space for each group to publish information on their results, such as publications, patents and collaborations. In addition, contact persons per region would be established to coordinate the creation of the platform.

Dual Interuniversity Master in Advanced Materials Another highlight was the discussion on the Dual Interuniversity Master in Advanced Materials, which represents a fundamental part of the programme. The approval process and the time required for the launch of the master's degree was discussed, and it was clarified that it will be interuniversity, with external lecturers from companies (dual mode). It was mentioned that companies could offer subjects or participate in the school associated with the master's degree. The number of credits, the distribution of subjects and the possibility of specialised pathways were discussed. In addition, the management of scholarships and grants for students was mentioned and the importance of inter-university collaboration for the success of the programme was highlighted.

Status of Transfer of Funding to the Centres Information was shared on the status of transfer of funds to the research centres in the different regions. Several regions had already received the funds corresponding to the programme and were authorised to carry out contracts and projects.

Other issues Other topics were explored, such as the possible creation of a special volume of "Advanced Materials in Spain" in collaboration with the publisher of the journal "Advanced Materials". The organisation of future conferences and workshops on topics relevant to the programme participants was also discussed.

The second coordination meeting demonstrated significant strategic progress in the Advanced Materials Programme and a continued commitment to inter-regional collaboration. The importance of coordination and careful planning to ensure the continued success of the programme was highlighted.