In a productive videoconference held on 28 July 2022, the regional coordinators of the Advanced Materials Programme of the complementary R&D&I plan met to lay the foundations for this ambitious project. With the presence of representatives from various regions, the meeting focused on several key issues that will mark the path towards collaborative research in advanced materials.

Presentation of Coordinator in Castilla-La Mancha The meeting began with the presentation of Ester Vázquez as scientific coordinator for the Castilla-La Mancha region, strengthening the leadership structure of the programme. In addition, financial details related to the allocation of funds to the regions were discussed, with some positive reports that resources were already available for certain regions.

National Conference on Advanced Materials One of the highlights of the meeting was the planning of the National Conference on Advanced Materials. It was agreed that this conference could be held annually or biennially, and the first edition, organised by the Valencian Community, is planned for November. This first conference will focus on establishing a solid base and will be aimed mainly at research groups from the regions participating in the programme, although it will be open in future conferences to the participation of other regions. Issues such as structure, duration and choice of international speakers were discussed, and details of location and dates were confirmed.

Master in Advanced Materials Another key issue is the development of the Master in Advanced Materials, which will be a valuable contribution to the programme. It was discussed whether it should be an official or in-house Masters, with the official version finally being chosen despite the additional time it will take to establish. The model of the ICMol's Master in Nanoscience and Molecular Nanotechnology was shared as a reference and the possible participation of universities, technology centres and companies in this inter-university study programme was mentioned.

Other issues Additional topics were discussed, such as the creation of a website for the programme, the organisation of monographic conferences and workshops by each region, and the planning of a European School of Advanced Materials.

Next Steps In September, each region coordinator should provide information on the National Conference on Advanced Materials, including proposals for invited speakers and short talks from research groups in their regions. Proposals are also expected from universities interested in participating in the official Master in Advanced Materials.

The first coordination meeting marked a solid step towards inter-regional collaboration and the promotion of advanced materials research in Spain, and it is hoped that this programme will boost innovation in this promising field.