The Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and BeAble Capital organized the Science for Industry (S4I) event on January 18-19, 2024 at La Nave in Madrid. Evolving from Patents for Innovation (P4I) in 2022, it attracted European institutions and specialized investors to boost the technology ecosystem nationally and internationally.

It was structured along three axes: Global Summit highlighting the importance of scientific research, Investor Day to present technologies to investors, and Facing Challenges, a meeting of Science Equity funds. The main objective continued to be the transfer of technological results to companies to improve society, maintaining the focus on the importance of scientific research and broadening its scope.

Within this framework, the Advanced Materials Complementary Program participated with a stand, exhibiting advances in this field. The stand not only highlighted advances in materials applied to fields such as robotics, biomedicine and 3D printing of nanomaterials, but also provided a crucial platform to increase the visibility of these developments. This visibility facilitated the creation of synergies between the research and industrial sectors, thus fostering a collaborative exchange of knowledge and resources that will further drive innovation in the field of advanced materials.

The Advanced Materials Program also presented three spin-offs during the event, highlighting MattecoFloatech y Buckytek. These initiatives play an important role in the expansion of innovation in the technological field, underlining their significant impact on the promotion and development of innovative solutions today.

The Advanced Materials Program brings together 7 autonomous communities, with the commitment to integrate and promote research and innovation in Advanced Materials in these regions. The main research and innovation actors located in these regions collaborate in the program, establishing a joint R&D&I strategy in Advanced Materials with the following objectives:

- Consolidate R&D&I activity in this area of interest, supporting scientific leadership in strategic lines and strengthening collaboration between the participating ACs through a research master program, the generation and attraction of talent, and the reinforcement of existing scientific infrastructures.

- Promote synergies between research centers, technology centers and companies to accelerate innovation and technological development, thus contributing to job creation.